Key Contacts:

Thank you for contacting the 19th ISTRC Symposium Committee. Here are the key contacts for the ISTRC Secretariat:

Dr. Emmanuel Okogbenin

Director, Program Development & Commercialization, AATF

First Vice President of 19th ISTRC

Chairman, Local Organising Institutions and Committee (LOC)


Telephone: +254 733990151

Please copy Dr. Cecilia Limera:
Jacquine Kinyua

The 19th ISTRC Secretariate

P.O.Box 30709-00100 Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: +254-20 422 3700


Contact Us

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    Programme Information

    For any programme and technical queries, please contact Dr. Elijah Ateka on
    For booking a side event, contact Dr. Daniel Willy on

    Travel Support

    For support on the travel, VISA, and COVID-19 vaccination regulations, please contact Fatuma Wario on or +254-20 422 3700

    Accommodation and Travel Logistics

    For any queries on regarding accommodation and travel logistics , kindly contact: Ms. Fatuma Wario: +254 20 4223725 or
    Cell Phone/WhatsApp: +254 735 992210 (For local calls. To use WhatsApp only for international calls)

    Exhibition and Booth

    For any queries on exhibition, please contact Caleb Obunyali on or +254-738 120 920

    Publicity and Advertising

    For any queries on publicity, please contact George Achia on or 254-785 334 163


    For any queries on Sponsorship, please contact Sofia Tesfazion on or +254- 780 534 025

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